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Estate Appraisals

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Appraisals for Trusts and Estates
When are appraisals needed?

Although we usually think of appraisals for estate taxes, date of death,
actually many appraisals are needed for other purposes.

1.  Sale to a relative
2.  Partitioning an estate among the heirs or  beneficiaries.
3.  Sale to a non-relative
4.  Prior to listing the home
5.  Partial Interest
6.  Alternate valuation date-estate tax purpose
7.  Declining value after date of death
8.  Family limited partnerships and other types of  trusts
9.  Living trusts
10. Financial Planning
11. Declining value property taxes
12. Probate

Appraisals for Seniors

Seniors are often overwhelmed with all the details that are needed to get their
affairs and estate in order as they transition into their retirement years. . I too am a senior and I am walking the same path.  Good planning, with the help of qualified professionals will ease the stress involved for oneself and their family.
Part of this planning will be the need to get your assets in order so you know the
value of your properties and how they will benefit you with this transition. We need
to rely on estate planners, accountants and health care professionals in many transitions.
I am one of those professionals. I have been a resident of this county for over 30 years. A real estate  professional for 25+ years, I know the foothill properties of this county I promise I will take the time you need to explain the appraisal process,
and what you can do. When the report is finished I will personally go over the
report so you understand and feel comfortable with the process
and the report. Give me a call. I offer you a 30 minute free consultation
to discuss your needs.
Estate planning is not just for the rich people and not just for date of
death and taxes;